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Classic Hare Krishna Kirtans and Bhajans (downloads)

MP3 versions of more than 25 classic kirtan and bhajan tapes from the Hare Krishna Movement in the 1970s (ISKCON). Includes Srila Prabhupada, Visnujana Swami, Bharadraja, Hansadutta, Yamuna, Dinanatha, Achyutananda, Guru Kripa, Yashodanandan, Dhira Krishna, Agnideva, and many others.


Classic ISKCON Kirtans & Bhajans (from the 70's MP3 DVD)

Contains the following Cassette Tapes converted into MP3 format:

KT-01 Srila Prabhupada Leading Kirtans

KT-02 Delhi Pandal Arotik and Songs

KT-03 New York Kirtans

KT-04 New York Kirtan with Bharadraja

KT-05 LA Live Kirtans with Visnujana Swami; New York Kirtans with Hansadutta

KT-06 New York Kirtans Live with Bharadraja

KT-07 "Every Town and Village" Album

KT-08 Visnujana Swami Studio Recording with Srila Prabhupada Playing Mridanga; New York Live Kirtans

KT-09 Delhi Pandal Kirtans with Yamuna, Dinanatha & Achyutananda

KT-10 Radha Damodar Travelling Party with Visnujana Swami

KT-11 Caracas Temple Kirtans; Guru Kripa & Yashodanandan

KT-12 Kirtans with Dhira Krishna

KT-13 Live in Calcutta with Achyutananda

KT-14 Ratha Yatra Kirtans, San Francisco 1975

KT-15 Live in New Dwarka with Agnideva

KT-16 Bengali Bhajans with Satchitananda

KT-17 Temple of the Mind with Satchitananda & Dhira Krishna

KT-18 Hindi Bhajans with Achyutananda

KT-19 Sruti-Smrti with Achyutananda

KT-20 Benediction Moon, Mayapur Festival Kirtans, 1979

KT-21 Reservoir of Pleasure with Rksaraja

KT-22 Nama Hatta Band, LA Ratha Yatra 1980

KT-23 Bhakti Rasa with Agnideva

KT-24 Ancient Hymns

KT-25 Tribute to Srila Prabhupada with Agnideva

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Total Nectar!

Vishnujana Swami and more!! So many melodies and devotion, I can listen all day everyday!

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