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Indradyumna Swami Worships the Salagram Sila

Indradyumna Swami Worships the Salagram Sila

From ₹ 450.00
Krishna appears in the sacred salagramas for the pleasure of his devotees. These stones hold the most rarified of mystical properties. They are non-different from the Supreme Lord, and their...
Nandagram, Capital of Nanda Maharaja - Touchstone Media

Nandagram, Capital of Nanda Maharaja

From ₹ 150.00
Produced by Bhakti Caitanya Swami A documentary of the area of Nandagrama - the capitol of Nanda Maharaja.åÊåÊ åÊThe DVD is divided into the four geographical sections: the northern, eastern,...
Glories of Govardhana Hill - Touchstone Media

Glories of Govardhana Hill

From ₹ 350.00
Produced and Narrated by Bhakti Caitanya Swami Govardhan is the best devotee of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna performed so many pastimes on this hill, and Govardhan is described to be...
Krishna Calling Temple Arati Live - Touchstone Media

Krishna Calling Temple Arati Live

From ₹ 150.00
Come along with us to the temple Arati. The scene is ISKCON Juhu temple, one of the best temples built and loved by Srila Prabhupada. We bring to you live...
Mother Ganga - Touchstone Media

Mother Ganga

From ₹ 350.00
A unique documentary about the Ganges river based on "Our merciful Mother Ganga", a book by Jay Vijay Das, filmed on location in April and March of 2003. åÊåÊ åÊThe...
Cooking with Kurma DVD set - Touchstone Media

Cooking with Kurma DVD set

From ₹ 950.00
Broadcast on television from New York to London to Sydney, Cooking With Kurma brings the best of cruelty-free cooking into your kitchen. Kurma .. has a gentle style that is...
Nimai of Nadia - Touchstone Media

Nimai of Nadia

From ₹ 150.00
A devotional classic portraying the life of the avatar of Radha-Krishna, Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, from His birth in Nadia to His accepting of the sannyasa order. (Part 2 is Nilacala...
Nilachala Mahaprabhu - Touchstone Media

Nilachala Mahaprabhu

From ₹ 150.00
This sequel to Nimai of Nadia portrays Lord Caitanya as he revolutionizes Indian society. Bengali with English subtitles. (Part 1 is Nimai of Nadia) B&W, 79 minutes
Sampoorna Ramayana, the Movie - Touchstone Media

Sampoorna Ramayana, the Movie

From ₹ 350.00
  A story taken from the Epic The Ramayan. This film presents a picture of the life of Lord Shri Ram. Shri Ram was an obedient son, so much so,...
Devotional Music Lessons DVD Set - Touchstone Media

Devotional Music Lessons DVD Set

From ₹ 650.00
Music Lessons DVD Set. 4 DVDs including:åÊåÊåÊ Disc 1 - Mrdanga LessonsåÊåÊ åÊExpert rhythm masters, Krishna Kirtana dasa and Nityananda Prana dasa, demonstrate and explain the art and science of...
Mahasati Savtri - Touchstone Media

Mahasati Savtri

From ₹ 250.00
Though the famed artist and son of a blind hermit Satyavan is fated to die young, beautiful Savitiri -- who was gotten through the divine intervention of the god Ashwapati...