Pure Tulasi Japa Bead Handcraft in Mayapur, India

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Tulsi japa beads from Mayapur, India.

Tulasi is the mother of devotion. Devotees worldwide pray every morning to Tulasi devi for granting privilege of loving devotion to Lord Krishna. Krishna does not accept anything unless its first offered to Tulasi.åÊ

Tulsi beads are not cheap as Srimati Tulsi Devi appears as a small bush. So her branches are generally not very thick. Therefore to manufacture very large tulsi beads the beads have to be collected from many, many tulsi plants as the only place you can find wood thick enough to make very big beads is at the very base of the trunk of the tulsi plant.åÊ

We are offering here authentic Tulasi Japa Beads. Encourages pure devotion.åÊ

The size is basic.

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