Padasevanam Ebook (PDF)

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Devotional service to Lord essentially means taking shelter of the lotus feet. The lotus feet of their Lordships is the only asset of the devotees. Padasevanam or serving the lotus feet of the supreme Lord is one of the essential angas of bhakti. Unless one surrenders unto the lotus feet of the Lord or His devotees, there is no possibility of attaining the ultimate goal of life, which is attainment of love of Krishna. Practically the whole Vedic scriptures is about glorifying and taking shelter of the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord. Taking shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord is so glorious that those great personalities who have taken shelter of the Lord's feet also become similarly glorious.

This is full of nectars describing the markings and glories of the lotus feet and hands of the Supreme Lord. It contains the descriptions of the markings of the hands and feet of Radha-Krishna, Gaura-Nitai and Advaita Prabhu. Featuring the illustrations of the markings. Included are few selected prayers glorifying the holy feet of Radha and Krishna.


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