Complete Arati Set (Brass) - 9 or 14 Inches

Size: 9 inches
mlveda_country: in
Precio de venta₹ 1,550.00


 Complete Brass Arati Complete Set of great quality for your Deities.

The set includes the following items:

1 Brass Tray 9 and 14" Inches (across)
1 Brass Panch-Patra (Achman cup) With Spoon
1 Brass Bell with Garuda design
1 Brass Incense Holder
1 Brass One Ghee Wick Aroti Lamp
1 Brass Holy Water Vessel
1 Brass Triangle Conch Stand
1 Small Conch Shell for bathing
1 Brass Plate (Peacock design) for flower

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