Sri Kalki Purana, Lord Vishnu Incarnation at end of Kali Age

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The Kalki Purana consists of 35 chapters. It covers the life and times of Sri Kalki, the 10th and final Maha Avatara of Lord Vishnu. It is a prophetic work which takes place in the far distant 4,320th century near the end of Kali Yuga.

Kali Yuga
As soon as Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, leaves the earth and returns to Vaikunta, the Kali Yuga will have begun. The Kali (Demon) will rule the earth and bring sin and misery to the people. Then the first stage of the Kali Yuga begins, when the Indian caste system and varna system, will break down. Soon after this, the second, third, and fourth stages of the Kali Yuga begin. Men will forget the name of God and no longer offer Yagna to the Devas. The Devas will gather before Brahma to seek a solution for this problem. Near the end of this yuga, the Devas will then journey to Vaikunta to seek help from Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu will then ascend to earth to fix these problems of the Kali Yuga.

Kalki Comes to Earth
Lord Vishnu comes to earth in the home of Sumati, the wife of the Brahmin Vishnuyasa. First he appears with four arms, but on Lord Brahma’s request he changes his form to a two armed form,
Kalki will receive educational training under Guru Parasurama, he later will receive special weapons by Lord Siva.

One of the main reasons Lord Vishnu came to earth as Kalki was to destroy and defeat evil forces on earth. He began this with the battle, and eventual massacre, of the Sunyavadis, who have misled the people, at the city of Keekatpur. A war later begins with the dark forces of Kali (Demon), including the demon generals Koka and Vikoka fighting against Kalki and the Devas. The Kali (Demon) will be defeated at the hands of Dharma and the personification of the Satya Yuga. Koka and Vikoka are then killed by Kalki. Finally, Kalki will be challenged by, and intentionally accept defeat from, Raja Shashidhwaja, and marry the Raja’s daughter, his second wife Ramaa, before the start of the Satya Yuga.

Satya Yuga
After the defeat and destruction of evil on earth, the Satya Yuga (Golden Age) begins. Kalki will divide the earth into earthly kingdoms among his generals, then perform the Ashwamedha and Rajasuya sacrifices for the Devas. Sumati and Vishnuyasha, his parents, will then travel to the holy place of Badrikashram, where they will live until their death. After the siring of Kalki’s sons Meghamaal and Balahaka, Kalki will reign on earth for 1,000 years as the King of Shambhala. As Kalki had finished his work on earth of restoring peace and goodness to the earth, the Devas appear before him, requesting that he should return to Vaikunta. After a ritual bath in the Ganges River, Kalki will reappear as Vishnu in his four-armed form, and return to Vaikunta.

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