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Mrdanga Lessons - Touchstone Media

Mrdanga Lessons

From ₹ 250.00
Expert rhythm masters, Krishna-kirtana Dasa and Nityananda-prana Dasa demonstrate the art and science of playing this traditional clay drum.
Kartal Lesson - Touchstone Media

Kartal Lesson

From ₹ 150.00
Kartal Lessons with Krishna-kirtana Dasa. Bangladesh's premier Kirtana musician demonstrates the proper techniques for creating complementary rhythms and sounds.
Harmonium Lessons - Touchstone Media

Harmonium Lessons

From ₹ 250.00
With Vaiyasaki Dasa. Nine lessons from basic scales to progressively more intricate exercises will have you playing bhajanas of the great masters. And Sunanda Dasa teaches some famous Visnujana Melodies.
Devotional Music Lessons DVD Set - Touchstone Media

Devotional Music Lessons DVD Set

From ₹ 650.00
Music Lessons DVD Set. 4 DVDs including:åÊåÊåÊ Disc 1 - Mrdanga LessonsåÊåÊ åÊExpert rhythm masters, Krishna Kirtana dasa and Nityananda Prana dasa, demonstrate and explain the art and science of...