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Sampoorna Ramayana, the Movie - Touchstone Media

Sampoorna Ramayana, the Movie

From ₹ 350.00
  A story taken from the Epic The Ramayan. This film presents a picture of the life of Lord Shri Ram. Shri Ram was an obedient son, so much so,...
Kartal Lesson - Touchstone Media

Kartal Lesson

From ₹ 150.00
Kartal Lessons with Krishna-kirtana Dasa. Bangladesh's premier Kirtana musician demonstrates the proper techniques for creating complementary rhythms and sounds.
Mrdanga Lessons - Touchstone Media

Mrdanga Lessons

From ₹ 250.00
Expert rhythm masters, Krishna-kirtana Dasa and Nityananda-prana Dasa demonstrate the art and science of playing this traditional clay drum.
Australian Preachings in the 80's - Touchstone Media

Australian Preachings in the 80's

From ₹ 150.00
A collection of archival footage featuring national TV coverage of ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada in Australia.Details: DVD, 78 min.Publisher: ITV Productions LtdPub. Date: 2005  
Nilachala Mahaprabhu - Touchstone Media

Nilachala Mahaprabhu

From ₹ 150.00
This sequel to Nimai of Nadia portrays Lord Caitanya as he revolutionizes Indian society. Bengali with English subtitles. (Part 1 is Nimai of Nadia) B&W, 79 minutes
Nimai of Nadia - Touchstone Media

Nimai of Nadia

From ₹ 150.00
A devotional classic portraying the life of the avatar of Radha-Krishna, Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, from His birth in Nadia to His accepting of the sannyasa order. (Part 2 is Nilacala...
Sant Tukarama - Touchstone Media

Sant Tukarama

From ₹ 250.00
The life of the 17th century saint who was inspired by Lord Caitanya to preach the chanting of God‰?s Holy Names. Best film award at the Venice Film Festival in...
Spiritual Documentaries Library 8-DVD Set - Touchstone Media

Spiritual Documentaries Library 8-DVD Set

From ₹ 750.00
Spiritual Documentaries Library, 8-DVD Set Journey to amazing lands and visit inspiring festivals, without leaving the comfort of your home. This eight-DVD collection will take you from the peaks of...
Sita - Touchstone Media


From ₹ 658.00
The events leading up to the wedding of Rama, the warrior king, and princess Sita are gorgeously dramatized in this award-winning film. Hindi with English subtitles. Color 99 minutes.
Sant Dyanesvara - Touchstone Media

Sant Dyanesvara

From ₹ 250.00
13th century South India. Dyaneshwar‰۪s father returns to his home as a fallen sanyassi, and his family is shunned by the village caste brahmanas. Appealing to the acarya of the...