Srila Prabhupada Harmonium

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Srila Prabhupada harmonium is an excellent harmonium for a temple or your home! Its perfected suite for bhajans. 

This harmonium is also a perfect replacement for more expensive scale changer types.

Here we have a premium quality harmonium. This instrument features a folding capability and 3 lines of excellent English reeds. Made specifically without both changer and coplar systems giving reliability to the harmonium. (Less maintenance and less likely to break).

This harmonium is perfect for all your needs, be it the arrival of honorable guests to your temple, for daily kirtans or for home use. 

– Folding system “Suitcase” for easy carrying
– 3 rows of original English reeds
– Burma teak wood
- Folding ase, 9 stops
- 5 main & 4 drones
- Natural color

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