Sri Venkatesvara Mahatmya

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Worshipers of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are attracted to His various incarnations, and none are more famous than Vishnu and Rama. In this unusual pastime, devotees of both persuasions can be satisfied because the incarnation of the Lord is Vishnu disguised as Rama disguised as Srinivas. Find out the fascinating story behind Lord Venkateswara, worshipped in Tirupati (South India) since the time of antiquity. Includes pastimes with Bhrigu kicking the chest of Vishnu, Laksmi angered by this insult and going to perform penance on earth, Vishnu getting lost and being buried in an anthill, Brahma feeding milk to the Lord in the ground, and Mother Yashoda appearing as Vakula so she could fulfill her desire to see her son married. Enchanting.

150 minutes. B/W. Telugu with English subtitles by ITV.

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