Safri Om Style Portable Harmonium for kirtans, bhajans, and yoga

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Safri Om Style Portable Harmonium  9 Stops- 5 Main & 4 Drone, 3½ Octaves, Coupler, Gig Bag, Bass/Male Reed Tuned- 440 Hz, Best for, Yoga, Bhajan, Kirtan, Shruti, Mantra, Drone

Hand Made Indian Pro Grade Safri Om Style Portable Harmonium 
3½ Octaves
Tuned: 440 Hz
Two Set Brass Reed BASS & MALE
Beautiful 7 Fold Flower Bellow
Total 42 Keys
9 Stops- 5 Main & 4 Drones 
Coupler Function (Right Side)
Can Play two octaves of the same note to Produce Richer Sound effects
White Color
Instant Response Keyboard – No Lag Time
Seven-Fold Bellows For Easy Pumping
Long Sustain Of Sound
Full Wooden Top Cover
Bright Nickeled Brass Knobs
Wooden Frame on Keys
Made With Dried Indian Wood – Kail & Marandi (Indian Cedar)


HARMONIUM : 60 CM. x 32 CM. x 27 CM.

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