Rose Essential Natural and Holistic Oil - 10 ml bottle

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Rose Essential Natural and Holistic Oil
Roses are widely considered the most beautiful flowers in the world. This flower is an integral part of innumerable stories, legends and myths. People who do not know about any of its medicinal properties can still tell you about one undeniable property; a beautiful, red rose can invoke romantic feelings in even the hardest of hearts.

Our oil contains no alcohol. Its pure and natural.

Benefits of Rose Essential Natural and Holistic oil are:

  1. Fights Depression

  2. Reduces Inflammation

  3. Treats Wounds

  4. Antispasmodic Properties

  5. Protects Against Viruses

  6. Astringent Properties

  7. Eliminates Batecria

  8. Skin Care

  9. Purifies Blood

  10. Prevents Excessive Bleeding

  11. Relieves Anxiety


Quantity: 10 ml.

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