Pancha Tantra, the Five Wise Lessons by Krishna Dharma

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Long ago in India, there lived an old sage named Vishnu Sharma. At that same time, there also lived a king, Amara Shakti, who had three sons. These boys were a constant worry for the king. They paid little attention to their lessons and showed no signs of ever being able to take over the kingdom.

In great anxiety the king consulted with Vishnu Sharma, who promised that in just six months he could make the princes as wise as the great lord of heaven, Indradeva. “Mighty king,” said the sage, “more important than knowledge is knowing how to use it. I will teach this to your sons. They will learn how to think, not what to think. Then they will be ready to rule the world.”

So the king sent his sons to Vishnu Sharma. The sage then began to tell them stories. “These tales of animals and men,” he said, “will awaken your intelligence and make you equal to the gods.”

Krishna Dharma is a Hindu scholar and renowned author of popular, award-winning editions of India’s great epics, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana

Relish the fascinating stories told by Vishnu Sharma, which took the form of five separate books – The Panchatantra, or ‘Five Wise Lessons.’

210 Pages, Paperback. 

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