Fiberglass Tilak Mridangam: The Best Quality and Affordable Option in the Market

Color: Varaha (Red)
mlveda_country: in
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The Mridanga is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Balarama, Lord Krishna's brother. It is a significant and powerful tool in devotional service that can transport devotees into a state of blissful ecstasy while they chant the holy names of Krishna. Whether chanting alone or with a group of thousands, the Mridanga helps to raise consciousness and focus more fully on Krishna during Kirtan.

Traditional clay Mridangas are typically made from animal skin, such as cow, goat, or buffalo, but this particular Mridanga is unique because it is completely leather-free. After years of research and development, it was constructed from hard-wearing fiberglass, making it unbreakable and suitable for use during outside street sankirtan, even in the rain.

The Tilak Mridanga has become the preferred instrument for Sankirtan and temple Kirtan due to its many advantages. It has a resonant bass head and crisp treble head, providing top-quality sound. It is easy to tune with the included tuning key, and its fiberglass construction ensures it stays in tune regardless of the season or weather conditions. Its vibrant, glossy finish comes in three different colors: Varaha Red, Chaitanya Golden Yellow, and Nityananda Blue.

The Tilak Mridanga is also virtually indestructible, making it easy to transport. The big/bass head of the drum can be removed and filled with clothes and other belongings, reducing luggage volume and even saving money on airfare.

The famous “Tilak” symbol on the body of each Mridanga reminds players of the spiritual and service aspect of playing the Mridanga. All in all, the Tilak Mridanga is an excellent tool for devotional service and spreading the holy names of Krishna.


** NOTE ** You can hear in the video how much more the Tilak mrdanga sounds like a clay drum than previous fibreglass mrdangas.


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