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Revered as a sacred text within the Vedic religion, Mahabharata includes the great teachings of Lord Sri Krishna, Bhagavad-gita. There are many editions of the Maharata, however this special edition of the Mahabharat composed and narrated by Sriji dasa, follows closely the original texts as contained within the great epic. A powerful and moving tale, it recounts the history of the five heroic Pandava brothers, sons of the Emperor Pandu. Cheated of their kingdom and sent into exile by their envious cousins, they set off on a fascinating journey during which we meet gods, sages, mystics and mighty warrior kings. Profound spiritual themes underlie the thrilling narrative, making it one of the world's most revered texts. Culminating in an apocalyptic war, Mahabharata is a masterpiece of suspense, intrigue, and illuminating wisdom.

Narrated by Sriji Dasa

Format: MP3

Duration: 60 hours.

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