World of Hare Krishna

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 The World of Hare Krishna is a whirlwind tour of ISKCON centers and activities worldwide. DVD also includes Every Town and Village--Bombay, Food for Life, Children of Krishna, and Common Ground [with Bhakti Tirtha Swami]

THE WORLD OF HARE KRISHNA A whirlwind tour of ISKCON centers and activities worldwide.

EVERY TOWN AND VILLAGE--BOMBAY A grand tour of ISKCON Bombay -- ISKCONs most opulent facility -- including Srila Prabhupadas quarters, and interviews with important life members, including actress Hemi Malini and dancer Vyjantimala. Color 30 monutes.

FOOD FOR LIFE The Hare Krishnas worldwide free food distribution program as highlighted by Philadelphias Mayor Goode in an offical dedication, plus a look at Australian soup kitchens in action. Color, 12 minutes.

CHILDREN OF KRISHNA A documentary on Hare Krishna children, 1982. Color, 16 minutes.

COMMON GROUND Bhakti Tirtha Swami, a black panther member turned to saffron saint. Color, 17 minutes.
ISKCON REVIEW Entertains with light bacground music while showing pictures of ISKCON activities. Color, 9 minutes.

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