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Stories are ways of acquiring knowledge by which one is guided in life. This book has been written for young readers by retelling different stories from the Vedic scriptures.

Veda literally means ‘knowledge’, but more specifically refers to the Sanskrit writings of ancient India. Previously this wisdom was transmitted orally, only being written down some fifty centuries ago. The author of the Vedas, a sage named Vyasa, divided this knowledge, both spiritual and mundane, into four parts. He later compiled the Puranas, often referred to as ‘the fifth Veda’.

The Puranas include a history of the ancient Indian world. Although of historical interest, the Puranas are not presented chronologically, nor are their accounts confined to this planet or our limited spheres of perception and comprehension. Vyasa purposefully arranged and presented them in a way that would broaden our awareness. It is from these popular yet profound texts that most of the stories retold in this book have originated.

Vyasa had many students who became teachers of Vedic wisdom. These spiritual masters then took their own disciples, and thus, through the process of disciplic succession, this knowledge was passed down throughout the ages. In modern times, His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is the foremost authority on Vedic philosophy, religion and culture. His translations of the Vedic texts, with extensive commentary, are used as standard textbooks in colleges and universities throughout the world. He also established a worldwide confederation of farms, schools, temples, colleges and cultural centres. One of his prime ambitions was that children might benefit from Vedic truths and values, as they are universal and go beyond all sectarian concern. The publisher hope that this volume will be a small step in that direction.

Though this book was initially written for children belonging to the Vedic (Hindu) tradition, we are hopeful they will be an inspiration to the children from all walks of life and that they will be of particular interest to those involved in religious, personal and moral education.

Contents from the Vedic Stories:

Buddha The Teacher

The Brahmin And The Cobbler
The Intelligent Minister
The Plover’s Eggs
Anjaneya Eats The Sun
Again Become A Mouse
Bhrigu’s Footprint
The Lake Of Death
The Challenge
The Sadhu’s Blessings
A Bundle of Sticks
The King’s Finger
The Brahmin’s Daughter
Five Blind Men and an Elephant
Lord Chaitanya and the Banana Salesman
The Thread and the Blanket
Arjuna’s Vision
The Crow And The Tal Fruit
The Gift Of The Sun God
The Yogi’s Cloth
Proud Merchant
Krishna The Cowherd Boy
Bakasura The Stork Demon
The Kaliya Serpent
Dhenukasura, the Ass Demon
The Rasa Dance

Paperback, A4 size, 116 Pages and Ebook Format (PDF)

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