The Vision of the Isopanisad

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The Sri Isopanisad is a short book of an invocation and eighteen mantras, part of the Yajur Veda. It is thus eternal wisdom, manifested anew from the Lord’s breathing, each time the universe is re-created. The invocation is well-known and often chanted throughout the various schools in the Vedic tradition. Every mantra is a deep mine of hidden, effulgent gems of spiritual realization and joy. Srila Prabhupada’s purports expand them into practical action for today’s world.

A study guide can be a great help in our busy life where we may find it difficult to remember what we have read or to apply it in daily life. This study guide combines world-class teaching and learning research with deep realization of sastra to bring Sri Isopanisad alive for those who use it as a study companion. Whether one has read Sri Isopanisad many times or this is your first time opening the book, this study guide can greatly deepen your practice.

Ideal book for young adults and everyone else

Prepared by Urmila Dasi and Murlidhara Dasa

Fully with color illustrations, A4 size, 44 pages, perfect bound.


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