Super Premium Clay Mrdanga from Bangladesh

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Super Premium Clay Mrdanga from Bangladesa is the Mrdanga preferred by the best kirtaniyas. It is master clay fined-tuned to perfection. The leather is ahimsa or non-violence, which means no animal was killed for the making of this Mrdanga. It is extra-large clay for better sound and durability. No Mrdanga is better than this.

Custom hand-made original from top to bottom. This Mrdanga is oftentimes played during the big festivals in Sri Radha Madhava temple in Mayapur. The sound quality has been tested by the best traditional musicians in Mayapur and assures one of most fantastic experiences while playing. Mrdanga is a musical instrument that communicates between the soul and divine.


SPECIAL BONUS: Mrdanga Lessons DVD by the legendary Krishna Kirtan Das from Bangladesa.

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