Sri Laddu Gopal Painted Brass Deity

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Baby Krishna enjoys special sweet preparation known as laddu. Laddu is a very popular sweet in Northern India, especially in Vrindavan, the land of Krishna. Baby form of Krishna who enjoys taking sweets from His devotees is famously known as Sri Laddu Gopal. Sri Laddu Gopal Deity is especially crafted with brass and artistically painted by artisans in Vrindavan, India.

As the elderly ladies of Vrindavan, during baby Krishna advent, would sing and clap their hands, and ask Krishna to dance for them so they can give Him laddu, Krishna would loving do so for them. These ladies are the top devotees of Lord who have eternal loving parental relationships with Krishna.

Sri Laddu Gopal Deity is the beloved of the devotees.

Solid Brass Deity

Comes in different sizes. Dresses and other accessories are available.

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