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The Ebook version of Sri Ksetra

Sri Ksetra is Vaikuntha on earth, the eternal abode of Lord Jagannatha. As per material vision, it might just be situated on the shore of Bay of Bengal in Odisha but the subtle incognito behind its manifestation is not known to many. Lord Jagannatha showers His mercy upon everyone when He comes out yearly from His temple and travels to Gundica with His brother Baladeva and sister Subhadra on a beautiful chariot.

Devotees and spiritualists from all over the world come to behold the mesmerizing glimpse of Lord Jagannatha. Sri Ksetra reveals the esoteric intricacies behind the advent of Lord Jagannatha and His eternal abode into this material realm. Lord Jagannatha appears to relish the love of His devotees, while Lord Chaitanya appears as a devotee with the mood of separation from His Lord. When the two meet, Their confluence creates a rainbow of love, where Lord Jagannatha is able to relish the love of His devotee and Lord Chaitanya was able to behold the Lord of His heart.

Lord Jagannatha and Lord Chaitanya are non-different from Lord Krishna, but the moods and intents were different. The reader of this book will get an insight into the realm of love of the Lord and His devotees, which in turn will make the person realize the pinnacle of true love.

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