Rasalila Art Canvas Print

Type: Canvas w/o frame
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Rasalila is the most delightful pastime of Lord Krishna and His dear lady friends, called the gopis. When Krishna played His flute in the middle of the night, in the forest of Vrindavan, the gopis abandoned whatever household affairs they were doing and ran out to meet Krishna. At first Krishna admonished the gopis as to what they were doing in the forest at such a time, but then, gopis admonished back Krishna that it is due to His attraction of His flute playing that had rendered them senseless, and they could only come to the forest to be with Krishna. Thus, the great play of love, called "Rasalila", takes place. Krishna then became many in the midst of all the gopis.

Painted by the great artist, Satcidananda dasa.

Canvas Size 30" by 20"


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