Lilac Essential Natural and Holistic Oil

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Lilac has the essence of Lavender oil. It strikes an aromatic, fresh floral clean note. Of all the fragrance ingredients out there, lavender’s probably the most widely recognised for its soothing, calming aromatic qualities. The types mainly grown for fragrance are Lavandula angustifolia (or Lavandula officinalis), Lavandula latifolia, or the more camphor-y Lavandula stoechas, which smells more like rosemary.  The hybrid Dutch lavender, or Lavandula intermedia, produces an oil called lavandin, with a sharper and more medicinal odour.  Steam distillation is used to extract the essential oil. 

Lavender is thought to have originated in the highlands of India, but today it’s happy in all sorts of sunny, stony, well-drained spots around the world. In modern fragrance, lavender is lightly used in ‘feminine’ scents, although it turns up in plenty of ‘shared’ colognes and men’s fragrances. Hence our natural aroma oil is perfect for both men and women.

Its best to never touch the oil.. Let the oil drip off the stick into your hand, never touching the stick. Do not let the moisture get into the bottle. This will preserve your oil for years.

Quantity: 10 ml

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