Gita Stories from Padma Purana Ebook (PDF)

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This is our Ebook version of this wonderful book, the Gita Stories from Padma Purana. Same contents and the illustrations as in the physical book, but in PDF format.

Gita Stories from Padma Purana is an impeccable narrative which entails Vedic wisdom in a simple and frolic way. The author and illustrator, Ananta Shakti Das, gives an incredible insight into the importance of hearing, reading and remembering the instructions of Lord Krishna in order to free oneself from material sufferings. Through his retelling and his illustrations, he has captured the mood of Lord Shiva as he was speaking to his wife Parvati Devi. This book is perfect for the children and family.

Ideal for readers of the age of 6 years and above

Enjoy delighftful reading

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