Brahma Samhita with Commentaries Audio

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Brahma-samhita was spoken by the creator of this universe, Lord Brahma, at the dawn of creation. While traveling in South India Lord Caitanya found a manuscrip of the text, brought it back to Jagannatha Puri, and instructed His devotees to study it.

Later, Jiva Gosvami and Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati added their commentaries.

"All the truths of the Vedas were revealed to him and with the help of those essences of the Vedas he offered this hymn to the Supreme Lord ?r? K???a. ?r?m?n Mah?prabhu has taught this hymn to His favorite disciples in as much as it fully contains all the transcendental truths regarding the Vai??ava philosophy. Readers are requested to study and try to enter into the spirit of his hymn with great care and attention, as a regular daily function."

Narrated by: Dhruva Maharaja dasa, Samapriya devi dasa

For Download Only: 120MB

Time: 2 hours, 7 minutes

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