Size: 8 inch
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Mesmerizingly beautiful Astadhatu deities of Their Lordships Radha and Krishna are sure to captivate your hearts and get enlivened by your service. The deities are impeccably handcrafted in Mayapur, West Bengal by the finest Indian craftsmen. The deities stand on a lotus which forms a firm base.

The amalgamation of eight metals namely, gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, iron and mercury into an alloy forming Astadhatu is considered to be extremely sacred and pure. Deities carved out of Astadhatu are potent enough to invoke Their Lordships to come and reside in the deities. Hence our Astadhatu deity collection with a tinge of your devotion guarantees you a perfectly holistic temple with Their Lordships residing within it along with you! Get your set today!

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