Alankara-kaustubha of Kavi Karṇapura, A Treatise on Sanskrit Poetical Theory

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 treatise on Sanskrit poetical theory. All the illustrative examples are his compositions. This book is a masterpiece and deserves to be regarded as one of the greatest treasures of Sanskrit literature. Kavi Karṇapūra is the king of yamaka, and overall his boldness and literary genius trigger great astonishment. He is one of the greatest poets of all time. The book was co-translated with Matsya Avatāra Gaurapada Dasa. 

In Sanskrit, many book titles express the concept of shedding light on a topic. Typically, the rst word in a title refers to the topic and the second word refers to a thing which sheds light. In the title 

 Alaṅkāra-kaustubha,  the word  alaṅkāra is a synonym of  sāhitya (literature) and kāvya  (poetics), and the word kaustubha refers to the famous red jewel the Lord wears on His chest. Thus the title literally means “a Kaustubha for poetics”. In Sanskrit poetics, sometimes authors select a peculiar term for “chapter”: For example, in  Kāvya-prakāśa, a chapter is called ullāsa. Kavi Karṇapūra uses the term kiraṇa (ray). As a jewel emits rays, so this Kaustubha jewel emits ten rays that illumine ten traditional topics of Alaṅkāra-śāstra (Sanskrit poetics).

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