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Tales of Devotion is the sweetest Combo deal for the young devotees, consisting of five books:

* A bridge for Lord Rama

* Dhruva finds the greatest jewel

* Gajendra, the King of Elephants

* Sweet rice for Lord Vishnu

* Garuda and the sparrow

These books are illustrative and captivating, upholding the glories of the Supreme Lord and His devotees.åÊWith a systematic developmental approach in depiction of the pastime of Lord with His dear devotees, we facilitate the child to learn His glories and draw the inspiration to lead a good virtuous life dovetailed towards spirituality.

For a rock solid foundation of ones character knowing about the Supreme Lord plays a vital role. The child will enjoy the learning experience with such beautiful pastimes of the Supreme Lord. These books depict perfect allegories of axiom for a serene Krishna Conscious life.åÊ

The child will definitely learn, the Krishna way!

Format: Paperback
Weight: 1000gm.

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