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Prema Vilasa, is one of the several histories that were written by Gaudiya Vaisnavas just after Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhus disappearance. In Prema Vilasa, Nityananda Dasa, a disciple of Jahnava-mata, described the lives of such great persons as Srinivasa Acarya, Narottama dasa Thakura, and Syamananda Prabhu. He also provided a glimpse into the training such Vaisnavas received at the hands of the Vrndavana Gosvamis, including Sri Jiva Gosvami, and the early efforts these Gosvamis made to popularize Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhus mission. Prema Vilasa is filled with loving exchanges, and will therefore enlighten and enliven the reader to understand how Caitanya Mahaprabhu remains present in His mission and available to those who participate under the direction of His great devotees. Readers will find this book a very delightful and inspiring reading, Prema Vilasa, is like a supplement to the account of life and teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates. Prema Vilasa takes the reader into more esoteric significant of the Lords devotees, especially how they conduct their loving devotional activities.

Best for readers of the age of 15 years and above.

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