Pauranic Charitavali: Legends of the Puranas

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Pauranic Charitavali, Legends of the Puranas is an ecstatic narrations of the Vedic sages and kings as they were described in the Puranas. These narrations are lively and enable the readers to have a glimpse into the inner lives of the epic personalities of the Puranic narrations.

Who is a Hero?

A person of distinguished courage or ability admired for his/her deeds and noble qualities. A person’s heroes change over time. The heroes who stick and never change over time are the Legendary Heroes. Such Legendary Heroes have an element of truth, exemplary qualities, conviction and determination whose tales have been passed on over millennia and generations.

  • Actual tales of the Legendary Heroes from the Puranas
  • Timeless narratives which were, are and will always be cherished
  • Deepens the consciousness and elevates it
  • Unearth the ultimate spiritual reality
  • Join the heroes in their quest for the best
Take a plunge into the timeless pool of Gear up for the fiery and passionate tales of the ancient genealogies of the Legendary Heroes of the Puranas.

The true heroes who would teach and guide the readers towards discovering and realising the spiritual reality, are finally here!

Pages: 276, Hardback

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