Mogra Essential Natural and Holistic Oil

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Mogra Essenital Oil has a pleasing and stimulating effect on both mind and body and is also effective in healing stress, anxiety and depression. It is also effective in driving away negative thoughts by invoking a feeling of joy and happiness.

Soothing, comforting, uplifting effects on our psyche and spirit. Use whenever there is a lack of inspiration and insight and there is a feeling of 'no heart and soul' to life. The scent of mogra promotes love connecting our spirituality. Helps to get out of lethargy.

NOTE: We can not make any medical claims on any oils..according to the drug and health administration.

Its best to never touch the oil.. Let the oil drip off the stick into your hand, never touching the stick. Do not let the moisture get into the bottle. This will preserve your oil for years.

Quantity: 10 ml

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