Indradyumna Swami Worships the Salagram Sila

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Krishna appears in the sacred salagramas for the pleasure of his devotees. These stones hold the most rarified of mystical properties. They are non-different from the Supreme Lord, and their worship constitutes a very personal relationship with Krishna.

Indradyumna Swami worships his salagrama daily. His constant traveling all over the world has not diminished his devotion to his deities. They accompany him to even remote corners of the world. While attending the Odessa Festival in Ukraine, he graciously allowed observers to attend his personal worship. ITV was given unrestricted access and later added appropriate texts of the mantras for each offering recommended in the Pancaratra Pradipa which is included in its entirety. The viewer will find the contents helpful in developing a personal method and style of worshipping the salagramas.

The Pancaratra Pradipa is a compilation of numerous Vedic texts regarding deity worship at home and in the temple, included on the DVD as pdf file (Acrobat reader) of 406 pages. Can be viewed on a Mac or windows PC with included software DVD@ccess directly from the DVD.

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