Cosmology on Trial by Pierre St. Clair (Vaiyasaki Das)

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COSMOLOGY ON TRIAL by Pierre St. Clair (Vaiyasaki Das)

There is widespread concern about major theories like the Big Bang, General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, black holes, redshift, and the speed of light. Even gravity, the most common force in nature, is not fully understood! Most physicists admit that what we know today is likely to be revised significantly tomorrow. Cosmology on Trial separates science fact from science fantasy. The book examines the case for cosmology exactly as an attorney would in a court of law. The evidence must be beyond reasonable doubt in the minds of intelligent people; similar to the rationale for a jury to decide a verdict. Essential principles of cosmology are analysed in a courtroom setting via the testimony of over 64 prominent physicists called as “witnesses” in the most significant trial of our time.

6” x 9”, 344 Pages,


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