Q1. Who are devotees? How are they different from everyone?
A: A person devout to some object is a devotee. Generally, it means adoration to a desirable object and having deep attraction for it. In religious or spiritual terms, a person maybe a devotee of Shiva, Durga or Krishna. Lord Shiva however said its much more preferable to be a devotee of Lord Krishna. Krishna's devotee is the best among all other types of devotees. A devotee of Krishna directs all activities only for the satisfaction of Krishna. He or she does not crave any personal sense gratification. Krishna's happiness is his or her happiness. Because a devotee of Krishna does not crave any sense of belonging or attachment to this material world, he or she therefore is the only happy person.

Q2. Does the Supreme Lord favor his devotees more?
A: Yes, even though Krishna treats all living entities equally, still He more favorable to His devotees. Krishna takes special care of His devotees because they desire Him only.

Q3. How do we get the Lord's attention and affection?
A: A devotee of the Lord does not expect anything from the Lord. He or she is unlike a business person. Business transaction means to expect something in exchange for something else. A devotee only performs service to Krishna just to make Krishna happy and nothing else. Whether good or bad, a devotee remains steady in Krishna's service. A devotee is therefore forever free from anxiety.


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