Mrdanga Drum - Tilak (25") - Touchstone MediaMrdanga Drum - Tilak (25") - Touchstone Media
Tilak Mrdanga (25″)

Tilak Mrdanga (25″)

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Introducing the new Tilak Mridanga! The Mridanga is made from hard wearing fiberglass and is built to last. On the body of each is the famous “Tilak” symbol that distinguishes the Vaishnava. This will help you to remember the spiritual and service aspect of playing the Mridanga.

The Highest Quality AND The Most Affordable

After years of research and development the new fiberglass Tilak Mridanga has been produced to replace the Balarama Mridangas.

By improving the production methods and producing the drums in a large quantity we have been able to both improve the quality of the Mridangas significantly and dramatically reduce the price at the same time.

Tilak Mridangas are currently available 2 colors:

  • Nityananda Blue
  • Varaha Red

** NOTE ** You can hear in the video how much more the Tilak mrdanga sounds like a clay drum than previous fibreglass mrdangas.

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Weight22000 g


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