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Govardhana and Vrindavan Package Deal


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Come along with us to the land of Krishna with our special combo offering:


Govardhana, the Hill that Fulfils all Desires is a virtual guide to the most holy place of pilgrimage for devotees of Lord Krishna. Govardhana Hill is the shelter prayed for by the devotees to attain loving devotional service to Lord Krishna. A single visit to this king of the mountains assures one of liberation from the material existence, but more so guarantees one entrance into loving relationships with Lord Krishna.

Bhakti Caitanya Swami and his crew spent tireless days and nights photographing all the places on and around Govardhana Hill. All the temples, shrines, lakes, Deities and often the most difficult ones were caught on camera and presented in this book that took more than three years in the making. Bhakti Caitanya Maharaja then accompanied each photos with vivid descriptions of the places and pastimes performed by the Lord with His devotees, thus assuring us of being intimately absorbed as we flip through the pages. There are also a large accompaniment of arts that were drawn especially for this book.

Vrndavana, the Hill that Fulfils all Desires is a collector’s item. When Lord Krishna comes to this world, He performs wonderful pastimes to attract living entities to come back to Him in the spiritual world. He appears in many forms, all of them fully transcendental to this material world, and in those forms He exhibits wonderful qualities which are displayed in the course of His activities and interactions with His devotees. There Krishna appeared about five thousand years ago and performed pastimes in many places throughout the length and breadth of the entire region, Sri Vrindavan.

In this book, Vrindavana, the Playground of God, you will be transported to the main temples and pastime places in the town of Vrindavana, beginning with the seven main temples established by the Gosvamis followers of Caitanya Mahaprabhu when they migrated to Vrindavana about five hundred years ago.




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