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The Life of Tulasi Devi Audio Book



One of the most confusing traditions for Westerners to understand is the worship of a plant called Tulasi Devi. There is a lovely story attached to the practice, which explains many things, including why...

  • Tulasi Devi is considered one of the Lord's greatest devotees.
  • She is worshipped daily in all Vaisnava temples.
  • She descended from the spiritual world to this realm.
  • She preformed thousands of years of austerity to obtain Lord Vishnu as her husband.
  • She became both the sacred Tulasi plant as well as the holy Gandaki River.
  • All worship of Lord Vishnu must contain an offering of Tulasi leaves.
  • Lord Krishna always wears a garland of Tulasi leaves around his neck.
  • The Lord allowed Tulasi to curse him to become a stone--a stone in which he Manifests Himself as the Salagrama-sila.
  • A conchshell is considered sacred and must be used in various worship ceremonies.

Also discover the many benefits of worshipping the Tulasi plant and Salagrama-sila. The original book, The Life of Tulasi Devi was reviewed and approved by Gopiparanadhana Dasa, Sanskrit editor of the BBT.

Approx. 3 hours

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