Ramayana: India's Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love and Wisdom

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by Krishna Dharma

Revered throughout the ages for its moral and spiritual wisdom, it is a beautiful and uplifting tale of romance and high adventure, recounting the odyssey of Rama, a great king of ancient India. Rama, along with his beautiful wife, Sita, and his faithful brother Laksmana, is exiled to the forest for fourteen years. There, Sita is kidnapped by the powerful demon Ravana. Along with Lakshmana and a fantastic army of supernatural creatures, Rama starts on a perilous quest to find his beloved Sita.

A dramatised version of India's famous epic, containing all the details of the main narrative. Prince Rama, an avatara of the divine Vishnu, is banished to the forest on the eve of his coronation by the evil machinations of a royal maidservant. While there with his beautiful wife Sita he encounters and kills many fierce demons and eventually has his wife kidnapped by their mighty leader, Ravana. He then enlists the help of a band of celestial apes known as the Vanaras, who scour the earth and find her in Ravana's island lair, Lanka. Rama and the apes construct a great ocean bridge to Lanka and a terrible war ensues for the sake of Sita.

Written in a modern, flowing style, this book offers Western readers an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with this much loved work, originally composed in Sanskrit poetry. With its profound spiritual undertones and themes, this ancient tale has influenced every aspect of Indian society over the millenia, and remains to this day the most popular sacred work in the subcontinent.

6” x 9”, 480 pages, 8 Color Plates, 10 Illustrations


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