One thing to realise is that we cannot stop the critics. It doesn't matter how we view them, the critics don't have the same vision as we may have. Thats is why its prudent upon spiritual leaders to help the critics by not doing those acts that will cause people to criticise them. One time Mahaprabhu was walking around Navadvipa with Srivasa Thakura, and out of His ecstasy, Mahaprabhu wanted to enter a liquor house. So Srivasa Thakur forcibly forbade the Lord to enter. Mahaprabhu then told Srivasa that since it was his desire to not enter the liquor house, He would not so, as He only fulfil the wishes of His devotees. Srivasa then said, "My Lord, if you had entered that house, then I would have give up my life, as I would not want to live to hear ignorant people criticising you, thereby paving their way to hell.". So this is the thing. Every acts of a great person are observed by all kinds of people. And not everyone is favourable. But if we just have the attitude that we don't care of what people may think of our activities, then it shows we don't really care for people when they are distressed. A preacher or someone who wants to represent the Lord must perform those acts that are exemplary that would not cause people to point fingers. A preacher is the one that preaches by example.

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