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  1. (a) Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Our shipping partners are currently DHL, Fedex and sometimes Indian Speedpost. However, we primarily use DHL or Fedex for all our international shipping.

  1. (b) Why your shipping charges are sometimes so high?

A: We have no control over the shipping costs as these books are shipped from India. One thing to note however is the prices of the books are extremely low. The same books will cost 3 times the price to purchase outside of India. So in essence buying these books from our site are bargains for you, as you still end-up saving lots of money despite apparent high shipping costs from India.

  1. What happens after I subscribe?

A: As soon as you subscribe to Touchstone Media E-Newsletter, you will receive a free E-book as a gift. Every week you will receive an E-Newsletter with excerpts from Transcendental scriptures, updates about our upcoming projects, upcoming offers and other such contents. You will receive special discounts on selected items as well.

  1. How do I know that my order has been confirmed? If confirmed then within how many days will I receive my order?

A: Upon making your purchase, you will receive a confirmation E-mail with your order details. You will receive your order within 3 to 4 working days, within India and it might take up to 5 to 7 days outside India. 

  1. How do I check my order status?

A: You can check your order status from your account page.

  1. How does the delivery process works?

A: Our domestic delivery is handled by Fedex and our International delivery is handled by DHL. After we receive the order, we pack the order and the Courier company deliver the order in the address the buyer provides. In case it is a COD order in India, the delivery boy collects the money from the person who receives the package in the provided address.

  1. Can I place an order request for products that are ‘out of stock’?

A: Yes you can let us know your requirement and as soon as it comes back to print we will let you know.

  1. Can the promo code be applied for every buy of mine?

A: The promo code can usually be applied for your single purchase.

  1. Is it necessary to subscribe before making a purchase?

A: No it is not necessary for you to subscribe, but we would recommend you to subscribe with us. It will give us the chance to serve you better in the long run.

  1. What do I need to do for you to send my order in a different address?

A: When you make your purchase, just type in the shipping address to your desirable address and your order will be delivered to that address.

  1. Can I get a refund or return a product I had ordered?

A: Yes a refund is possible in certain situations, like an incorrect order or faulty packaging. 

  1. Can I become a distributor for Touchstone Media? If yes, then how?

A: Yes you can definitely become a distributor for Touchstone Media. There’s no such criteria really, all you need to do is, write to us a detailed e-mail at [email protected], mentioning your approach towards distributing our products.

  1. As a distributor will I get any kind of discount?

A: Yes as a distributor we assure you a minimum of 30% of discount on all of our products. But for you to avail our offers, the distributor should order a minimum of 10 pieces of each product. Shipment is for free, for all our distributors.

  1. Which are the payment modes in Touchstone Media?

A: Our payment mode is credit card or Paypal.

  1. Are there hidden charges apart from the product charge?

A: There are no hidden charges, what so ever. Apart from the product cost, the customer is charged for shipment, that’s all.

  1. What is COD? Where and How does it work?

A: COD is the Cash On Delivery as a payment option within India only. If you opt for COD then, when your order will be delivered, you will have to pay for your order.

  1. Can I write a review without being known?

A: Yes, feel free to submit your reviews either with or without your name.

  1. Can I write articles and blogs for the website?

A: Yes you can submit your articles and blogs for our website at [email protected], if your article is approved by our admin, then it will be posted online.

  1. If I want to contribute towards publishing the works of Vaisnava stalwarts, what do I need to do?

A: You can directly write to us at [email protected] or directly call us at +91-8336916108, and we will guide you. We will be giving you a detailed report after a while which will reflect where your contribution is going to.

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